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Daily Green Tips 64-70 [PHOTOS]

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Looking for a simple suggestion on what you can do to help the planet everyday? Check out these tips!

Looking for a simple suggestion on what you can do to help the planet everyday? Come back every week and check out our daily green tips!

#64: Use a whiteboard.

If you write little reminder notes and toss them, jot notes on a mini whiteboard instead.

Daily Tip 64

#65: Don't charge overnight.

Don't plug your cell phone in overnight. A battery only needs a couple hours to charge so you'll save some energy.

Daily Tip 65

#66: Choose matches over disposable lighters.

Choose matches over lighters. Since most lighters are considered "disposable," over 1.5 billion end up in landfills each year. Plus they are made of a non-renewable resource... plastic.

Daily Tip 66

#67: Use an e-ticket.

Fly with an e-ticket. Processing a paper ticket costs approximately $10, while processing an e-ticket costs only $1. It could save the airline industry $3 billion a year. Plus, it helps the planet!

Daily Tip 67

#68: Go to a car wash.

Go to a car wash. Professional car washes are often more efficient with water consumption. If everyone in the U.S. who washes their car themselves took just one visit to the car wash we could save nearly 8.7 billion gallons of water

Daily Tip 68

#69: Give a plant.

Give a plant instead of cut flowers. They'll help the atmosphere and last longer.

Daily Tip 69

#70: Choose 36 exposure over 24.

Using film? Snap up a 36-exposure film instead of 24, reducing waste from packaging and processing.

Daily Tip 70

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