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Daily Green Tips 50-56 [PHOTOS]

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Looking for a simple suggestion on what you can do to help the planet everyday? Check out these tips!

Looking for a simple suggestion on what you can do to help the planet everyday? Come back every week and check out our daily green tips!

#50: Use ceiling fans to circulate air.

Use your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are for more than just cooling your home in the summer; they can be used as an air circulation tool in the winter. Check the direction that your fan is blowing. Make sure the switch is set so that the air is blowing down. It will help to push that warm air back down.

Daily Tip 50

#51: Turn old ties into a toy snake.

Make a toy snake with old ties. Stuff a necktie with cotton, sew the openings closed on either end and make a face on the wide end by adding button eyes and a red felt tongue. The snake can also be used as a draft catcher for doors and windows

Daily Tip 51

#52: Borrow from friends.

Borrow from friends and neighbors if you will only use it once.

Daily Tip 52

#53: Repurpose empty toothpaste tubes.

Find a new use for your old toothpaste tube! Here are a few ideas:

Daily Tip 53

#54: Reuse egg cartons for storage.

Egg cartons or old ice cube trays are ideal for storing earrings, buttons, paper clips, thumbtacks, nails, or stamps inside a drawer.

Daily Tip 54

#55: Go with a shovel.

Use a shovel instead of a snowblower if you can. You'll get some exercise and help the planet.

Daily Tip 55

#56: Make a cork trivet.

Make a cork trivet with wine corks to protect your counters. Take 50, a metal tie and tighten them together.

Daily Tip 56

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    Ties can also be used as cat toys... as long as the can wiggle along either by hand or attached to a stick my cat will attack it! You can also cut into sections and sew (or tie it off) to make little pouches and fill them with catnip or more tie material... then seal the end and poof a stuffed toy for the cat to bat around the house!