Live Green and Earn Points


  • Karen K. 3 years ago
    The back of a sheet of lined writing paper can be used as a funnel, too. And parchment paper is lovely stuff. Don't forget to recycle the box it was in when you run out.
  • Midge Galentine O. 4 years ago
    I decorate and use brown paper grocery bags for Christmas and other gift bags
  • Trish D. 4 years ago
    When I reheat things in the microwave, I use basket-style coffee filters (unbleached, of course) to cover items or to place under items. I reuse them a few times. Then discard them in my kitchen compost bin.
  • Jean G. 4 years ago
    Just started using parchment paper this past Christmas. Boy did it make baking so much easier.
  • Joyce M. 4 years ago
    good suggestions on magazines and paper in the kitchen will do some
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