Live Green and Earn Points


  • Audrey N. 10 months ago
    I was just reading an article in the newspaper about a new company that’s going to deliver reusable household supply’s, (everything from groceries to hygiene and cleaning) milkman style. When your done with the reusable container you send it back the next order and they’ll sanitize it and refill it. It’s all name brand stuff too.
  • Marion S. 1 year ago
    So much plastic-ware is handed out when I get take out. Lots of places I don't even pick it up if I have the choice but some places even when told put it in my sack. If the utensil is sturdy enough I pop it in my dishwasher and take it with my when I pack my lunches. Then it goes back home and gets washed again. But, if it does break then I feel a bit guilty but will toss it when I can't use it any more. I also save packages and donate them to a family member that uses them for a big picnic her church has. They do get disposed of but this keeps them from buying more than they need and I haven't put them in the trash.
  • Linda P. 3 years ago
    I use cereal bags to cook a baked potato in the microwave
  • Emily A. 3 years ago
    Can wax coated cardboard milk cartons be recycled?
  • Steven C. 3 years ago
    Cereal bags make a great shaker bag for seasoning chops.
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