Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jennifer s. 3 years ago
    Chick fil a has little books and paper crafts in there kids meals.way better that junkie toys
  • James B. 4 years ago
    > Explain to your kids that these toys are cheaply made, bad for the environment, and might even contain toxic chemicals like lead. <
    What did you think that Lead Soldiers were made of? Seriously, unless you immediately get them a replacement that is expensively made, good for the environment, and free of toxic chemicals, the children will quickly realize that Living Green" is just a way to deprive them of toys. Be careful to get an exact replacement, children know the difference between a realistic scary movie dinosaur and a pink kiddie cartoon version.
  • Duane W. 4 years ago
    I hardly eat fast-food, but when I do, I give back the silverware plastic if presented in a drive-thru (as I'm usually going home). Also, any plastic that used, like a salad bowl container, I recycle, even if I eat at the restaurant. I take it all home and clean them, then recycle.
  • Jennifer S. 4 years ago
    Can I recycle tea bags?
  • Theresa H. 4 years ago
    I try to always bring along a piece of fruit, a bottle of water, and a bag of nuts. I'm not perfect; when I stop for a much-needed coffee or something I'm craving for I try to forgo any extra items like packets, straws, etc. I keep bandanas in my car to use as napkins.
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