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  • Randy F. 1 month ago
    Spiders love making homes and having children in my outdoor lighting, especially pricey solar lights. Components occasionally get mucked up so I go in and try to repair them. Between the bugs and my nimble fingers the hair-like wires sometimes require re-soldering. Other times de-rusting or inserting a piece of aluminum foil will do the trick of giving new life! It's near impossible to find duplicate replacement lights years later so repair is the the only feasible solution.
  • tommy b. 1 month ago
  • Gina L. 1 month ago
    Maybe I am older than I wish. I can hand sew just about anything. I was never able to use a sewing machine. I can't even get the thread/bobbin on correctly.
    • Randy F. 1 month ago
      Some of those machines are VERY temperamental: if all seventeen contraptions (+/-) aren't all working in unison "It Just Ain't Gonna Work!" . I remember my mom's machine and the internal bobbin had to be in just so and then it's thread had to pop up in such a way to marry the top thread spool or it just wouldn't work right. Tune-ups help and so do classes. If you ever plan on getting another machine try finding a place that offers classes, hands on instruction, or, at least, test drives before purchasing. Today's machines are much more user-friendly, albeit much less sturdy.
      P.S. I wish I could hand sew neatly ~ I love the beauty and the independence but My Stiches look as if I was making something for the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" or stitching up a zombie voodoo doll mouth; quite unsightly.
      On the other side of the spectrum: I once made a set of sheets & pillow cases on an industrial machine in less than a few minutes, and they looked SwEEt!
  • tommy b. 2 months ago
  • bunni r. 2 months ago
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