Live Green and Earn Points


  • Joel O. 7 months ago
    Refusing plastic straws is fine but isn't MORE plastic being wasted or considered 'instant trash' with the plastic cup that holds your drink? IIRC...McD's had a very good recycling program some years ago with folks asked to separate their paper/foodstuffs from the plastic from their meal. It must have become a bother since it was cancelled after not too long a time. I'm not singling out McD's for lack of trying. They at least gave it a try.
  • Terry R. 7 months ago
    If I think I'm going to need a 'doggy bag' from a restaurant I bring my own reusable container for the leftovers.
  • Diane M. 7 months ago
    We've had reusable grocery bags for over 25 years (they made really nice heavy canvas ones back then), but hadn't thought about reusable bags for the department store. Would love to find extra-large bags for clothing, etc. Or make them when my shoulder heals from surgery.
  • Patricia S. 7 months ago
    We shop at Aldi for most groceries so we always have reusable bags in both our trunks.
  • Beth M. 7 months ago
    Single use totally. No straws. Trader Joe’s has compostable veggie fruit bags if needdd
    Try not to use. The fridge crisper works fine
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