Live Green and Earn Points


  • Katja Z. 17 days ago
    Question for everyone here.
    I have not received my reward that I redeemed on April 1st.
    I did receive the email confirmation from Recyclebank within a few minutes of redeeming my points for a coupon for a free gallon of Country Fresh milk.

    I talked with my friend who introduced me to Recyclebank and he said that he had not gotten his reward for the points he redeemed.

    I have also redeemed points for a second coupon for a gallon of Country Fresh milk, got the email confirmation from Recyclebank telling me that it would be sent to me within the next few days.

    Anyone else having problems with your rewards?
  • Brandis B. 17 days ago
    I have cut back and will pledge no more stir sticks
  • John D. 17 days ago
    "refuse" again.
  • Steven S. 17 days ago
    Posted Thursday, April 28, 2022
  • Peg R. 17 days ago
    #3 Wrapping tissue - I save any gift tissue I get from gifts, iron it on a low dry setting and reuse it in gift bags. (I also save all gift bags and reuse them.)
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