Live Green and Earn Points


  • Nancy B. 7 years ago
    I had to add these suggestions for the BEST gifts you can give someone/anyone. Visiting nursing many there have no family. Shoveling a neighbors walk. Volunteering at shelters(human AND animal). Call a shut-in..sometimes just hearing "how are you?" can make someones day. Offer a ride to someone in need. Christmas is a time of miracles..let's all do our share of them be they big or small. They are ALL important!
  • Nancy B. 7 years ago
    No problem for me..I don't buy material gifts anymore..I give those whom are nearest & dearest to me cards in their name saying what organization I have gifted in their name (ie..the humane society, a tree farm(to replace a tree that has been cut), a homeless shelter, a food bank..something that truly helps our fellow man. Isn't that what Christmas is supposed to be about anyway? I also put ingredients to make my favorite cookie/fudge/dessert recipe in glass jars that I have saved. Everyone loves them :-)
  • Amy D. 7 years ago
    Never a Black Friday shopper! Sometimes Cyber Monday!
  • Pamela M. 7 years ago
    I was out for the first time ever on a black Friday just to be able to use a coupon at Bath and Bodyworks. It was packed, but it went smoothly and it was after 4pm. Nothing should be open other than a Hospital on the Holidays. Just my opinion.
  • Allison L. 7 years ago
    Have only shopped 1 yr for black Friday and don't plan to do it again...
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