Live Green and Earn Points


  • Joy H. 2 years ago
    I keep a black permanent pen and when I restock in bulk or longer term or not often used staples, I put the expiration date on the package so I can see it. I then bring the closest to expiration date to the front of the shelves to make sure I use it on time. I also have dogs, so practically nothing goes to waste.
  • Robert & Angeline T. 2 years ago
    I don't always eat fresh strawberries before they go moldy. So, I have started putting them in a bottle with some wine. Clean and core first. After they're gone, the wine will have developed a lovely strawberry flavor, too. Try blackberries and cherries also.
  • Martha G. 2 years ago
    I use Norwex reuseable bags for product. Except Celery. If I don't keep it in a plastic bag it goes limp. Sometimes cutting the ends and standing it in a quart jar of water revives it.
  • Tanya S. 2 years ago
    I buy staples like rice, barley, legumes, etc. in my own cloth bags, and I buy peanut butter and spices in my own jars. So, no plastic waste from single-use packaging or flimsy bags. My cotton bags are nice and sturdy, and I've had them about 30 years. (They used to be bed sheets.) I throw my vegetable ends into a compost bin in the yarn that I don't really do much to, but it breaks down and doesn't become landfill -- or a need for a plastic bag to tote it away.
  • Rebecca D. 2 years ago
    I never throw away cilantro---I use what I need then follow procedures I saw on line to freeze cilantro. I have it anytime I need it. Dampen, place on cookie sheet, freeze for about 2 minutes then take out and place in storage bag and place in permanent freezer.
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