Live Green and Earn Points


  • Martha B. 4 days ago
    Great ideas
  • Check B. 4 months ago
    Great topic!
  • Gina L. 4 months ago
    Wishing everyone the best Thanksgiving ever. Keep it clean and fun.
  • Mariann S. 4 months ago
    Clean fresh vegetables but don't peel or pare them. Mashed potatoes with skins are fine. Carrots for the soup don't need to lose their skins. Try saving apple cores and grape seeds for the birds or chipmunks.
  • Barbara C. 4 months ago
    We would put leftover turkey in the freezer and have it a few weeks later. It would last for 3 series of leftover meals, so we got sick and tired of it, and now buy a boneless pork loin for Thanksgiving and Christmas. No bones, no waste, and I put the fat/suet out for the birds. Thirty years ago, my aunt gave me a ceramic turkey planter/vase and she made some crocheted flowers with leftover yarn to go with it, so we use that for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.
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