Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sharon L. 1 year ago
    EarthFare has wonderful natural
    Products in recyclable containers Good for your skin creams and lotions.
  • Lesia D. 1 year ago
    I don't use makeup.
  • Apryl M. 1 year ago
    Project Beauty Share takes unused, or gently used beauty products (see their website for what they will and will not take) and the give those items to women in need, such as homeless shelters and domestic violence centers. I just sent them 3 boxes of stuff, and planning to send another soon. Burt's Bees also has a TerraCycle program. And of course I send my items in pre used shipping boxes.
  • Monica A. 1 year ago
    We really have to do something about all the trees removed in the cities. The oxygen is needed for survival. There are a lot of people with respiratory problems.
  • Bill M. 1 year ago
    Where’s the Fresh grocer coupons ?
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