Live Green and Earn Points


  • Gina L. 3 months ago
    I bought the bamboo floss. It is good for meals that contain large items in teeth (corn, spinach, nuts, etc. However, I do not feel my teeth are cleaner with any other floss. Actually, my spouse hates the stuff. You may go eco-friendly or just do what is best for your self/body.
  • Lesia O. 4 months ago
    Great ideas!
  • Deborah W. 4 months ago
    Thanks, can use many ideas mentioned.
  • Angelina F. 4 months ago
    great tips!
  • Bobbie-Jo E. 4 months ago
    I bought a bidet attachment for the toilet and use cloth for #1. Not for everyone and it took me awhile to take the next step to cloth.
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