Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sandra G. 3 years ago
    One night a week we have "leftover buffet". I set out all the leftovers and people make their own plate and microwave it to use up all the odds and ends
  • Melinda M. 3 years ago
    I noticed that several respondents said they fed the scraps to neighborhood opossums and raccoons. I'm alarmed by these comments. Unless you live in a rural area with plenty of forest, you make the animals dependent upon humans for food. The animals then tend to hang around houses instead of foraging on their own. I lived in a older housing subdivision with mature trees and some acreage left in wooded in lots. I had a racoon go down my chimney to live. The dung produced enormous flies every day in my living room. It was like coming home to the Omen. A oppossum took up residence in my attached garage. Another racoon took up residence in an old dead tree at my neighbors and our lot (less than 1/4 acre). I did not feed these wild animals to encourage them to live so close. I was very aware and kept my kids away from interacting with them, especially the racoon that decided to walk down the side of the road in the middle of the day (strange behavior for a nocturnal animal). The garbage cans were always tied down to keep the racoons from pilfering through the garbage. These animals are wild and need to forage not become dependent on humans for handouts.
    • Heather H. 3 years ago
      Melinda, you are so right. In addition, a person may think they’re only helping feed a racoon, but they’re also helping feed mice that then look for cozy places to a person’s house.
  • Bonnie G. 4 years ago
    "Eat by Date" was very informative! I have wondered about eating certain foods after the carton expiration date and the risks associated with it. The guide listing the time frame answered my questions. Thanks for posting!!
  • Kenny G. 4 years ago
    I found this to be very informative! I may just start my own indoor garden.
  • Marilyn F. 4 years ago
    I feed a neighborhood possum & whatever other critters come out at night to eat it, and I make suet out of some of it.
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