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  • erica m. 1 year ago
    What if a metal lid has that rubbery-plasticy coating inside? What is that stuff, and does it affect recycling? Should we tear it out?
    • Jessica J. 1 year ago
      Don't worry, the rubbery or plastic lining, as well as labels, will burn off during the recycling process when the metal is melted for recycling.
  • Catherine E. 1 year ago
    i have concerns about the material handlers. what should be done with the top of a can when you open it with a can opener
    • Sue S. 1 year ago
      I share your concern so after I have rinsed the food off the lid and out of the can and let them dry, I put the lid back into the bottom of the can where it seems to stay pretty well. I've seen recyclers watch mixed recyclables pass in front of them on conveyor belts where they sort things as they go by so there isn't a lot of handling so hopefully not much cutting either.
  • Maria S. 1 year ago
    we take all different types of metal to the scrap yard. there is a different price for each different metals like copper, aluminum, steel, iron etc. we wait til we have a nice size load and have made as much as 80.00. you get to recycle and make money too.
  • Deborah P. 1 year ago
    I alway recycle my cans, glass and paper. Yes plastic does disintegrate, I save rain water for my plants and sometimes I'll go for water in the plastic jug and it leaked. lol
  • Yvette M. 1 year ago
    I recycle
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