Live Green and Earn Points


  • ALEX R. 3 years ago
    here in Orange County, we love to go to our amphitheater and have a picnic and watch the Symphony. The cheap seats in the back are actually on a sloped lawn, and you come early to stake out a spot with your blanket. Sometimes I’ll cook, but sometimes we’ll go to a gourmet sandwich shop and order individual meals (mmm, prime rib with horseradish), then add to it home-baked dessert and a bottle of wine. I think you can also pay extra for them to pack a picnic for you, but I want more control over the food.

    Do people do this elsewhere? Tell me about events you’ve attended. I think it could be a fun way to experience local culture.

    In nearby Los Angeles is the Hollywood Bowl, which we also love. But recently the Hollywood Bowl has put restrictions on what you can bring (no alcohol at certain events, but they’ll sell it to you for a hefty fee and a long wait in line).
  • Annett s. 4 years ago
    Bring your recycle bags and making sure you have no liquid residue when you throw your paper plates cups etc in your recycle bags and find your nearest recycle container and dump your recycled gargage to better use? Only using thick paper plates etc? Zip local bags to as much food as you can aluminum foil as well? Try to bring just enough food to your picnic.. lots of water though? Lots of fruits green bananas that won't ripped fast so you can snack on them later?
  • Bonnie G. 4 years ago
    Freezing bottled water is great! I use it as a cold pack and when slushy I have a treat. This has helped me to love water!
  • Julia S. 4 years ago
    This does create some waste but I freeze caprisun juice boxes the night before for our ice packs. Keeps food and drinks cold and can also be used for bumps and bruises when a kid falls at the park.
  • Cyndi S. 4 years ago
    Mason Jar meals are great and desserts are so easy and yummy!
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