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  • erica m. 4 years ago
    Use the freezer to save up bones from meals for spooky decorations, like a fake graveyard in the front yard. By the next morning, most of the bones will likely disappear with local wildlife, so it all goes back to nature.
  • lisa p. 4 years ago
    I have a Pyracantha tree/shrub which is fruiting in lovely small red berries right now. Some may know it as a Fire thorn tree. it's in the rose family and you can actually make jelly out of the little red berries if you use a base of apple juice as sweetener. Most folks will use a mix of apple and cranberry or pomegranite juice to make the color red and then they add red chili flakes or other red hot peppers to make Pepper Jam. I do that but I also trim branches and attach them to a reusable wreath frame. The tree fruits all year long in LA and so it often has white flowers in some spots too (which become the berries). The greens are bright green and it looks so festive! You can even just tie the branches into a swag to put over your door. Go here to read more about this very easy to grow ornamental that feeds birds all year round. Our mockingbirds like to nest in the tree and many species of birds eat the berries. Bees love the small clusters of fragrant flowers. it is also a wonderful source for natural pectin. It's tree that keeps on giving!
  • sheila b. 4 years ago
    I grew my own pumpkins
  • tommy b. 4 years ago
  • Dona E. 4 years ago
    I grew my own pumpkins and I still will have Zinnia for a Thanksgiving bouquet! I love gardening and the earth!!
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