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  • Linda W. 4 years ago
    there are so many uses for recycled glass! Aggregate for use in roadways, Storage, I just can't see how they would not recycle it... here and I've been saving glass jars for years!!!
  • Will R. 4 years ago
    Glass recycling has become a problem in north America and across the world most recently. Many facilities are not accepting it and it ends up as garbage waste. Can you comment on that. We need to find easy alternatives, like glass mulch and facilities need to find alternatives for the more recent changes to glass recycling.
  • David F. 4 years ago
    We can put glass in our recycle bin, but I often reuse class containers for other things.
  • vernyce d. 4 years ago
    hmmm. when i recycle my glass for Philadelphia collection, i don't segregate it according to color, and i'm sure that the public collection spots receive glass in all colors. problem?
  • tabitha b. 5 years ago
    Glass recycling here. County has drop off recycle center for it.
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