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  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • Frank S. 2 years ago
    Just checked out on YouTube how to repair a dishwasher not turning on. What great advice for a novice like me.
  • Micki C. 2 years ago
    For stuck zippers, just apply a little wax to make it glide easily......
  • Patricia G. 2 years ago
    Most of these ideas are not new. My mother and grandmother followed them. If it isn't broke don't fix it. If it is broke fix it. My grandfather even had one of those plastic chairs from walmart and the leg broke off. He attached a wooden leg by screwing it into the chair and it is still good as new. LOL I still darn socks if they are in good enough shape. I sew holes in t-shirts and patch jeans if possible just like they did for decades. When I have things I can't use I donate them to friends or to a charity thrift shop. Any bedding and towels that are stained I send to the animal shelter or vet. They use them for bedding. Dogs don't care if their bedding is stained. The charity thrift shop I go to gives old clothes that are not worth selling to some ladies that use them in quilting and donate them to veteran homes and hospitals etc. I pretty much only buy used items. They are made so much better than the ones now that aren't made to last. The dryer I bought a few years ago quit after the warranty expired. The company told me that they were not made to last forever. I just didn't think that 3 years was forever. Now I buy used and they last so much longer. I bought a used washer 10 years ago when I bought my house and it is probably 20 years old now and still running. My brother had to fix something once but it probably has another 10 years in it. I love keeping items out of landfills.
    • Vicki V. 2 years ago
      Patricia, the difference is that the small parts were made of metal years ago and the new ones use plastic parts. I was given an "old" Kenmore washer, was at least 20 years old, I had to have it reconditioned once, knew a guy in town who did that, lasted another 20 years.
    • Patricia G. 2 years ago
      I so agree. They decided it was better for the economy if it was cheaper to buy new instead of repair old items in the 60's. I repair whatever I can if possible. We had the front loaders (that is all that they sell) growing up in Germany when my father was stationed there and I hated them. The loads were small and you couldn't open them and add a sock you found etc at the last minute. I WILL never buy one of those. You can get the old ones free on freecycle when people upgrade. That is where I got a lot of my appliances and also the Habitat store.
  • Barbara R. 2 years ago
    If your cat chews wires just give them a coat of any hot sauce. After just one bite your cat will never chew wires again.
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