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  • Audrey N. 2 months ago
    I always use my bad lemons as garbage disposal cleaner. It’s a great natural cleaner and smells good too.
  • Real L W. 2 months ago
    How can I do with Used Needles & Test Strips?
  • shannin W. 2 months ago
    Straining cooking oil after frying into a rinsed Mason type jar is extremely fast remover of anything sticky; such as labels on other ja5s u plan on up cycling for projects or storage. Best applied with foam brush, left on for 30 sec or longer, then apply circular motions to remove. ** If you have breads that go stale, you can cut into small crouton sizes, and bake for 20mins or so at lower temp of about 300. Then toss in melted butter to coat and return to oven for another 20mins or so watching g carefully. When toasted to your liking, remove, and toss in either melted butter or oil again, then into a mix of your desired seasoning. Shake method coats best. Store airtight, enjoy as snack or salad. **OR place stale bread in microwave with wet towel. Remove. Not stale anymore.*" Stale cereals- pour into blender, and blend down to fine powder. Add to recipes/ baking for authentic flavors, like fruity pebbles cupcakes, etc.
  • Barbara R. 4 months ago
    Turn the milk into yogurt. Just add a spoonful of any yogurt to the milk and sit it someplace warm for one to three days (check it every day to see if it is yogurt yet). You don't need some fancy yogurt maker just time and someplace warm.
  • Steven S. 4 months ago
    Milk as an hair conditioner? eww. The smell of your hair...
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