Live Green and Earn Points


  • Nancy A. 4 years ago
    Share by bringing a meal to your mother.
  • Cindy W. 4 years ago
    I had an aunt who was a cook at a small restaurant. The restaurant was able to flourish because not only was she a great cook she knew how to use every bit of food. There was no waste in her kitchen. All the scraps of meat cut away to make nice looking cuts of beef and imperfect vegetables went into a beef vegetable soup. She used the bacon grease to cook certain dishes. The green tops from vegetables were used for flavorings. She lived through the Depression and knew you never wasted anything. When she quit due to health reasons, the restaurant stayed open for only a few months then ended up closing. They could not find a cook that didn't waste so much food. They should teach culinary schools how to make use of everything. To this day I still miss my sweet aunt and her frugal, delicious meals she could make.
  • Elaine D. 5 years ago
    It would be a dream come true if schools would let families take home whatever portions of food are not dished up to students each day, If the families interested would sign a liability waiver, it would be a win-win for both parties!
    • Gina G. 4 years ago
      Schools were able to do this many years ago. Then came lawsuits due to food staying out too long either within the district's time or at a home it was taken. Like many good things they end due to greed.
  • ellen j. 5 years ago
    the dog likes them
  • maricela Z. 5 years ago
    THINK Before buying anything, HAVE A MEAL PLAN and USE, FREEZE or SHARE any extra food. SHARE With FAMILY, FRIENDS, Pack extras for a COWORKER at your workplace. There is always somebody at work who didn't bring lunch:)
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