Live Green and Earn Points


  • Javier M. 5 months ago
    I take the wigs I find at thrift stores and use them for costumes - Halloween, New Year's Eve, Scaring The Mailman.
    • Gina G. 2 months ago
      Sounds like a great idea. However, after working in a school system I would spray them with lots of chemicals. The lice problem had me tearing out my own hair. I know.. chemicals are against the rules of this site. It was just a joke and stupid idea. Happy Halloween
    • Randy R. 2 months ago
      It's caring of you to mention it and there are household found "ingredients" that can reduce the chances of getting hair critters ~ it doesn't have to be lethal to humans and most cans & containers may be recycled if thoroughly rinsed. Things like U/V Hot Sun; Frozen in a freezer bag in Freezer; certain powders help.

      With all of the awful things reported in the news, seeing acts of thoughtfulness and kindness does the heart (and soul) good.

      Take Good Care!
  • Barbara W. 5 months ago
    With Coronavirus everywhere, I would now be afraid to get stuff from the thrift store.
  • Daniel H. 7 months ago
    Turn t-shirts into face masks
  • Daniel H. 10 months ago
    Turn sweaters into pet beds
  • Christine G. 10 months ago
    I donate to homeless shelters
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