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  • Mary J. 10 months ago
    Newspaper to wipe down glass windows is great it is lint free and does a spotless finish.
  • tommy b. 11 months ago
  • Kate G. 11 months ago
    I invested in Norwex cleaning cloths . I am not a sales person :) lol But I love them . No longer buy paper towels or cleaning supplies really . Cut down a lot of waste and chemicals .
  • Laura L. 11 months ago
    My only critique is that re-using your air conditioner filters is actually really dangerous for your health--they will not dry completely and will introduce mold to your air, plus the dust mites will love it when the filter is moistened and will breed. Any filters that say they can be re-used or they last 3-6 months are not safe for use, and this is according to ENT Dr's, Allergy Dr's, and A/C repair people. If your regular single use filter isn't dirty yet after a month, you can leave it in for another month but 3 months is pushing it as dust mites hatch a new generation every 21 days and their bodies and poop are irritating to everyone's airways, even if you're not allergic. So you will end up giving yourself or your family bronchitis or sinus infections. The best thing to do is limit your A/C and heat use so that the filters don't get dirty so quickly, and buy a brand that is made from recycled materials. You can't take the chance with your health, being able to breath is not an option.
  • Laura L. 11 months ago
    I love all the suggestions, except I'd add that old t-shirts are amazing for making lint-free cleaning cloths so no need to crochet or get complicated in making swiffers, and old socks (who doesn't have socks with holes or no match) can be turned inside out and put on your hand or a swiffer duster and when moistened with white vinegar they get all the dust off blinds, tables, baseboards, anything--AND the big bonus for allergies like mine is white vinegar kills dust mites, while most other cleaners even those marketed to allergy-sufferers DO NOT.
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