Live Green and Earn Points


  • erica m. 5 years ago
    2 trash bags per week for a family.
  • Barbara S. 5 years ago
    My garbage pickup is once every 2 weeks and I find with recycling I am able to keep it a one bag every two weeks. I discovered how much I was wasting food and product wise and cut back on my purchases.
  • Carla N. 5 years ago
    Here's an interesting problem: in Pennsylvania we have trash pick-up twice a week, which we don't really need. Switching to once a week is more expensive because -- my hauler tells me-- they have to process new paperwork and my request is a change service!?
  • tommy b. 5 years ago
  • Cher M. 5 years ago
    I ❤reading everyone's idea
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