Live Green and Earn Points


  • Matt C. 4 years ago
    Your choice of jack-o'-lantern light source can also have an environmental impact! Learn about it here:
  • joanna l. 7 years ago
    Maybe some of the new environmentally friendly companies can come up with items for Halloween that can be recycled or at least made from recycled fabrics
  • joanna l. 7 years ago
    Some of the costumes that we had as children we cobbled together from stuff we already had in the house. Like a gypsy costume from a big skirt, a scarf and old jewelry.
    I am sure there are lots of creative ways to use things that we already have around the house, and not purchase new non recyclable stuff.
    • Kelly K. 7 years ago
      not to mention you save $; though alot of times party city has great sales as Halloween gets closer and closer....though I get why store bought costumes have appeal as you don't really need to worry about possibly ruining something you plan on wearing/using again....yet as adults you can wear a store bought costume multiple times; why spend a ton of $ and time on it every year? spend $/time on planning a fun fall activity/haunted house/festival etc