Live Green and Earn Points


  • Heather B. 1 month ago
    I save the freebie magnets that sometimes come in the mail with advertising. You can cut them to size to use for anything you want to stick on the fridge.
  • Sue T. 3 months ago
    I use the plastic 1 gallon paint cans for storage. I've got clothespins in one and rope in the other. You can punch a hole in the top of the can for the rope to feed out (be sure to hammer down any sharp edges). The handles make them easy to carry or hang.
  • Emily W. 4 months ago
    I'm looking for a creative way to use brown, glass Starbucks Cold Brew bottles. I have about 30 with the lids.
  • Maria C. 5 months ago
    Thank you for the great ideas.
  • Andrew F. 6 months ago
    ok that hydroponic soda bottle window farm looks awesome, think i found a winter project
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