Live Green and Earn Points


  • John D. 2 months ago
    Holding cut melons. And cantaloupes can odor up a fridge.
  • Lorraine B. 2 months ago
    love this
  • Barbara W. 2 months ago
    In the today's pledge, it says you can use cereal bags to marinate fish. I would be leary of doing that, it might not properly seal. That would be one stinking mess! I use the good zip lock for that one! ( I do use cereal bags for many other purposes)
  • Carolyn C. 2 months ago
    I cut my cereal bag into one long strip. Then crochet them together to make mat for high traffic areas by doors. They really catch a lot of dirt from shoes.
    • Javier M. 2 months ago
      I really can't decide if you are for real or not. It is either very funny or very amazing.
    • Javier M. 2 months ago
      Also, are you friends with Mary G? 6 years ago she posted about VHS tapes "You can braid the tape and sew it into doormats or crochet into a carry all bag"
  • Javier M. 2 months ago
    The foam meat trays are also good to save for punching when you are angry. (Go ahead, try it - you know you want to try it.)
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