Live Green and Earn Points


  • John D. 11 days ago
    Great idea! Note these Pledges aren't C&Ps from the article so something is happening here, although they could also be pulled from an archive.
    I sometimes use the larger cereal boxes flattened out on the bottom of the fridge to absorb melon mistakes (MM).
  • Susan M. 11 days ago
    We use plastic take out containers as molds for bird suet cakes and the really good ones we keep and use for lunch containers. We repurpose plastic bottles into mini plant pots with a simple slice down the side. They are fantastic for herbs and small flowers like wild violets.
  • Randy F. 12 days ago
    Our household is known to keep and recycle some of the plastic take-away containers the food comes in. Some of it is pretty nice! Anyone old enough may remember "Lé Menû" gourmét meals that came with really durable plates/bowls & lids. Well, the new ware is much thinner which is great, less for landfill, but the glass-like Lucite lids are Very Brittle and regularly break off into food when trying to pop the lid off. They are usually sharp triangle bits that are nearly impossible to find until they're in your throat ~ so you may want to be VeryCautious & Careful with your decisions.
    Obviously, we stopped re-using that type!

    <<"What clever ways do you reuse and repurpose plastic containers? Share them in the comments below."<<
    • Laurel L. 12 days ago
      Smaller ones I use for my boys' painting adventures. I like to keep some of the more decent takeout containers to have on hand for when I share foods/baked goods with my friends and neighbors.
  • JC G. 11 months ago
    We reuse cereal bags to empty the litter box. Peanut butter jars with labels removed clean well in top dishwasher top rack. We reuse sour cream and cottage cheese containers for disposing of used cooking oils and grease.
    • Barbara B. 11 days ago
      I use the cottage cheese containers for leftovers, or to send a friend food in . They can be reused over and over again. Before the pandemic ,the church used them to send food home fter the dinners.
  • april g. 1 year ago
    Can we recycle the coffee pods?
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