Live Green and Earn Points


  • ALENA M. 1 month ago
    I stuff plastic bags inside the cardboard roll from things like toilet paper or wax paper and fold the ends down. It makes it easier to store them in the car, purse, diaper bag, desk drawer, etc.
  • John D. 5 months ago
    Holding cut melons. And cantaloupes can odor up a fridge.
  • Lorraine B. 5 months ago
    love this
  • Barbara W. 5 months ago
    In the today's pledge, it says you can use cereal bags to marinate fish. I would be leary of doing that, it might not properly seal. That would be one stinking mess! I use the good zip lock for that one! ( I do use cereal bags for many other purposes)
  • Carolyn C. 5 months ago
    I cut my cereal bag into one long strip. Then crochet them together to make mat for high traffic areas by doors. They really catch a lot of dirt from shoes.
    • Javier J. 5 months ago
      I really can't decide if you are for real or not. It is either very funny or very amazing.
    • Javier J. 5 months ago
      Also, are you friends with Mary G? 6 years ago she posted about VHS tapes "You can braid the tape and sew it into doormats or crochet into a carry all bag"
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