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  • tommy b. 2 months ago
  • Kathy M. 2 months ago
    Tomatoes can be frozen and canned with fresh garlic. I pressure can tomatoes with fresh basil to be used for spaghetti sauce. Great flavor which allows everyone to enjoy summer flavors all year round.
    Kathy M
  • tommy b. 2 months ago
  • Seana F. 4 months ago
    I dehydrate and pressure can the extras from my garden. The only thing I freeze is corn because I like the taste better. The wild blueberries that grow next to our house in the road ditches never make it as far as the freezer! During the winter months, I visit the ugly fruit section of our grocery store. We eat as much of it fresh as we can and I dehydrate or can the rest. Apples, bananas, kale, carrot tops and tomato slices are favorites to dehydrate.
  • Randy H. 6 months ago
    My husband and I live in the country. We have a garden every year and preserve blueberries in freezer vacuum bags. This year we got close to 100 quarts for our freezer. We also put up squash, green beans, tomatoes as salsa in glass jars, cucumbers as pickles. It is very good and saves a lot of money on our food bill. I also give some to my five children and their families. It is fun to do and helps our grandchildren and our children save money on their food bills. It is just fun to watch your own garden grow!
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