Live Green and Earn Points


  • Bren S. 5 months ago
    I always use reuable lunch bags and other reusable bags.
  • Chris L. 5 months ago
    Give reusable lunch bags and packable straws as presents for valentines day for my grandchildren.
  • Chris L. 5 months ago
    Carry my own stainless steel straws with me to use rather than the plastic ones.
  • JC G. 5 months ago
    Instead of using plastic wrap or bags when reheating food in the microwave, we just invert a microwaveable saucer, small plate, or bowl on top of the item and it works great. We hardly use plastic wrap any more and it's a lot healthier.
  • Jennifer s. 7 months ago
    Keep a clean cup with a lid in the car.its cheaper to get ice and water at gas stations than buying sodas or other drinks
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