Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lora V. 4 years ago
    When birthdays roll around, I have my kids pick their favorite non-profit. They get so excited about choosing! Party invitees are asked to donate to the birthday girl's non-profit of choice instead of gifts we don't need. We've done that since they were born, so they don't expect anything different, & feel good about it. I actually think people spend more on a donation than they would on a gift!
  • Debra B. 4 years ago
    Don't just give your kids for everyone! Parents love to be picked up and taken to lunch, dinner, a movie, etc. I give my mom the experience of me picking her up and handing her her favorite coffee, then driving her to the nail salon where we both get pedicures, and back home. She loves gift experiences and time spent together!
  • Betty B. 4 years ago
    you can wear your pants twice before laundering them as loing as they are not soiled cuts down on water usage and garment last longer
  • Donna C. 4 years ago
    I admit to buying something for my kids when going grocery shopping when they were little. If they were good, they got a Little Golden Book (do they even have those still) which was read to them over and over and then they read themselves. Both are advid readers to this day.
  • erica m. 4 years ago
    Finding that with each additional child, we have more laundry to do so I can run more frequently. Accordingly each person needs fewer clothes because they cycle through so fast. Good tip for young growing families.
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