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  • Barbara W. 7 months ago
    WOW, you should be on one of those cooking shows!
    Even though I am not much of a cook/ baker I want to try these.
    One of my best friends makes all kinds of goodies and is the best cook at her church. My BD is coming up so I immediately sent her your recipe. This way I will be insured some of those delectable works of art!
    Hope that's Ok
    • Debra D. 7 months ago
      Yes, totally! She can add whatever toppings she like in small broken pieces. I just happen to LOVE Heath bars and you can find the Heath Bits next to the chocolate chips. These store well in layers with waxed paper in between each layer. Folgers coffee cans work well with reseable lid....if there is no coffee smell left. Anyway, they don't last long cause everyone loves! I paid 5 dollars for a chocolate covered pretzel rod with a small amount of chopped Oreos on it from a candy shop. Mine have more chocolate and candy bits on them and are better!
    • Barbara W. 7 months ago
      It will be my BD request from her, THANKS!
  • Barbara W. 7 months ago
    Well it's a 404 for November 6th, 2021
    • Debra D. 7 months ago
      Here's the recipe for pretzel rods. Use chocolate chips, broken chocolate bars, almond bark, etc. I especially love Ghirardelli chocolate chips and get dark and milk chocolate, especially when on sale. Using a microwavable safe bowl, I use glass...melt one bag with microwaving at one minute, stir, and continue process until melted. Place a long piece of wax paper on counter or table, wherever working at. Have a paper plate and pour the candy topping on. I use Heath baking bits or crushed peppermint. i buy the tiny peppermint candy canes from Dollar Tree and place in a see through bag, and crush with hammer. Holding the pretzel rod in one hand over the melted chocolate in bowl, use a tablespoon and scoop melted chocolate over pretzel rod, turning until completely coated, except for few inches where you are holding. I use the bag of the spoon to take off excess. Quickly sprinkle Candy bits on while turning and then place on waxed paper to harden. This is so fun to do with kids or by yourself. I buy the holiday plastic goodie bags from The Dollar Tree and place one of each in a bag. I sometimes place in a coffee cup from Dollar Tree or thrift shop, a couple envelopes of hot chocolate and or tea bags added too. Give to mail carrier, garbage men and recycler men, favorite grocery clerks, etc...and family, friends, and coworkers. When I worked, My coworkers would not let me sign up for anything on the XMas potluck EXCEPT for MY PRETZEL RODS! ENJOY...
    • Barbara W. 7 months ago
      Comment posted above to Debra about those chocolate pretzel rods from Barbara
  • Diane T. 7 months ago
    Hi everyone!
  • Steven S. 7 months ago
    Posted Friday, November 5, 2021
  • Barbara W. 7 months ago
    Years ago when my daughter was little, I would take her trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. ( when it was still safe). The local dentist gave out toothbrushes, which was always a welcome thing!
    I always dressed up also to get in the spirit of things...nice, fun memories.
    We dressed the small dog up and he went to the door with us to greet the kids. They got a bang out of it!
    • Debra D. 7 months ago
      We always dressed ourselves and our dog as well! One of us would stay home to pass out candy, while the other went with our 2 kiddos, cousins, neighbors...then do a trade off with other parent
    • Barbara W. 7 months ago
      Exactly! Doesn't it make you smile thinking about it?
      Great memories!!!
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