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  • bunni r. 10 months ago
    Pumpkins are put out for the wild animals. Candy is chopped up and stirred into cookie dough and frozen for later. Costumes go to the dress up box.
  • Susan M. 10 months ago
    In one of the first examples of recycling in the United States, a rudimentary paper recycling process is introduced at The Rittenhouse Mill near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here, paper is made from fibers derived from recycled linen and cotton rags, in an effort to create paper from new sources.
    • Laurel L. 10 months ago
      Thanks for sharing this! I never knew this, and can't wait to share with my boys when they get home from school today.
  • RANDY F. 10 months ago
    November 5, 2020

    ThanX Jessica Harlan
  • Steven S. 10 months ago
    and yet again this article! Halloween is over now!
  • Nancy J. 10 months ago
    I loved how the chickens and the raccoons get to enjoy the treats after Halloween. I live in NYC and the private houses are very nicely decorated but in my building, the kids stayed away this year. Not one trick-or-treater. Thanks for the informative article.
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