Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elizabeth L. 4 months ago
    I know some people use old phones as an alarm you never have to worry about, power going out during the night doesn't throw them off cause they are always charging.
  • Beverly L. 6 months ago
    We only update when needed and we have the old phones right now which we do not have a big pile or drawer full as of yet. I am going to use some of my old ones as suggested above and then I will have less laying around. Thanks
  • Sabina D. 6 months ago
    I have a long top! I used spot cleaner on it to take out a grease spot! It took out the color where the spot was! What can I do?
  • michael h. 7 months ago
    What can you do with an old "flip phone" (not "smart") other than let the kids use it to play with and take pictures (which can't be downloaded anywhere without paying for service)?
  • Greg G. 7 months ago
    I like keeping an outdated phone as a mobile device, and our family =certainly= does not upgrade at the first opportunity they give us.

    One additional option is to look for a local or regional agency that provides free phones to people in need. I've seen this at domestic violence recovery centers to give potential victims a phone for their safety, or to provide military families a way to stay in touch more frequently during deployments