Live Green and Earn Points


  • JC G. 10 days ago
    good one.
  • Penny H. 2 months ago
    I painted a cardboard box and use it for a paper recycling bin that I keep by the garage door so that I can put junk mail in there right away. I have also used a painted box as "gift basket" container. I wrapped a box with a lid in contact paper to use for storage. I used another cardboard box as a liner to hold a paint can and brushes to catch drips and for easy clean up.
  • Judy C. 2 months ago
    I had 12 x 12 x 15 empty cardboard boxes that I just used on my closet shelf which is 12 deep and 60 long. These now house my sweaters and they no longer keep falling over and are much easier to access one at a time. Even room on top of each box for a few vests, etc.
  • Ann M. 2 months ago
    As far as my cardboard boxex, we do recycle most, however..for anyone that has cats..they love it. If it fits, it sits.
  • Debra B. 5 months ago
    Keep those woodscraps for camping outings as they make great firestarters
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