Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jennifer s. 1 year ago
    In the evening we try to keep the kids in one room.even if its watching a movie or playing a game that's only one room with lights,tv and etc on vs five
  • p g. 2 years ago
    To save money on heating costs, Steve Moore, with, a financial advice program host, said once that he and his wife wear vest (jackets) around the house all winter and so are able to keep the heat lower, but can still move their arms freely. That's better than wearing a coat or those fold-up sleeping bag things.
  • Susie C. 2 years ago
    In Winter I turn the heat way down at night and cuddle under a warm comforter. Cold air is supposed to be healthier to sleep in too.
  • Linda S. 2 years ago
    "DIDO" its refreshing to read everyone's story and see how many people are really doing the same things ....saving $$$$ and saving electricity .... in AZ its not the winter that costs $$$$ & energy usage... we just turn off the thermostat and let the Sun Shine in... my bill is minimal .... Summer's are small area coolers to augment the utilities and closing doors to minimize the need for air conditioning...
  • Karen D. 2 years ago
    We keep our heat set at 67 during the day and 62 at night as we like it cooler at night. To stay warm during the day if we catch a chill, we have throws all over the house in various room. We have new doors so drafts are really minimal in our home. We are installing a new gas fireplace this year so that should help warm up our main rooms. Can't wait!
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