Live Green and Earn Points


  • Charles H. 3 years ago
    We've come a long way since that first Earth Day in 1970.
  • Mark M. 4 years ago
    California doesn't actually ban plastic grocery bags. Food stores can still provide them, but they are required to charge, and the bags have to be reusable.
  • Laura L. 4 years ago
    Sadly I think there are many more negative environmental milestones that we've passed in the last 17 years.
  • Donna A. 4 years ago
    My daughter Lauren has had me recycling since she was in high school. 16 years later we are both doing our part in our communities!
  • Karen K. 5 years ago
    What use are electric cars if you have nowhere but home to recharge them? Until we manage to have areas throughout the country (say,at motels, maybe) they're effectively useless unless all you do is go to work and back. We have a LONG way to go on those. And the reusable bags--we may have to wait for the remainder of my generation to die off before they become more common. Too many people my age simply will not recycle. They think t's ridiculous that I do...
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