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  • Debra B. 10 days ago
    Since many of us are at home, we have more time to do some of these projects. Use broken crayons , melt and pour not only into used glue stick holders, but candy molds as well. We did this when my kids were young, and then would give away awesome crayons that were thick and would not break. My special needs students on my caseload loved as well. Add a couple of color books from the Dollar store for a nice gift!
    • Laurel L. 10 days ago
      Thanks for the ideas! I have a ton of candy molds sitting at home that haven't been used in ages. I think we will be using them for crayon molds this weekend. So creative and fun! :-)
  • Stacy M. 10 days ago
    Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone is safe & well in 2021. So glad this site is still working. Thanks for the daily points.
  • Barbara W. 10 days ago
    Jan 6th , some got duped.
  • Barbara W. 4 months ago
    This is ONLY a GUESS- that possibly the company downsized due to Covid-19 and someone got stuck with this on top of their original job, so little effort is put into it. Could be its this or nothing, so maybe we will just have to deal with it so we can have something.
    • Steven S. 4 months ago
      I think they might be losing their funding or something. This website is being neglected. I would not be surprise if one day we come here and the website completely shut down with our points...
    • Barbara W. 4 months ago
      I fear the same thing you said above . We should also participate here, so they don't have another reason to shut it down!
    • Randy R. 4 months ago
      Someone is at work there with a printer on . . .
      'Cuz I just received a print reward coupon from their sister company in Philadelphia for a $10 off $30 @ Bed, Bath, and Balthazar . . .

      While they can pretty much run a company from home with the internet, there are so many issue going on with viruses, life, family, food shopping, paying utilities, rent, motgage, kids, school, college, medical bills, grocery bills, eviction, foreclosure, depression, isolation . . . A Lot of stuff. I'm sure donations / funding is down AND some towns have pulled out of the curbside recycling rewards program, such as mine, so I have to wonder if My local Waste Management Co. had to pay them something. I havent earned curbside recycling points since they pulled out a few years back. Luckily, they let folks stay on as long as they keep accruing points. I used to redeem for J.C. Penney Gift Cards and an EA Sports Games Site Called Pogo for monthly and yearly memberships.

      Those Were The Days.

      Labor Day Weekend 2020 = |: √ }
    • Barbara W. 4 months ago
      Our town pulled out a few years ago also. I went to the city manager over it. Everybody pointed the finger somewhere else/ or at each other or claimed no knowledge of it. Yes, we are lucky to still be here and earn points. I send magzine subscriptions for thank you gifts.
      We need to encourage others to participate in this site by making relavent comments and useing their points for some good cause or as gifts.
  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    I would hope to read some NEW articles. These are about worn to the bone.
    • Javier J. 6 months ago
      tommy agrees. (I think?)
    • Steven S. 6 months ago
      just shows how many times they keep repeating them! sometimes twice in a week!
    • Randy R. 4 months ago
      Javier, Have You Ever Seen The Former T.V. Show "Lost" ?

      Maybe tommy is stuck in a government bunker and he has to type something just about every day or the World Would End ? ? ?
      (If you haven't watched, don't worry, I just made an enormously humorous/ humorless realization, you had to be there)
      4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
    • Javier J. 4 months ago
      So we saved the world together for a while, and that was lovely.
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