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  • Steven S. 15 days ago
    Posted Saturday, September 4, 2021
  • Steven S. 15 days ago
    Yep. People don't write anymore besides signing your name. Everything is typing on the computer or phone/tablet.
  • Barbara W. 2 months ago
    Speaking of school supplies, Why are kids Not taught to write anymore?
    I sent a gift to a girl for High School Graduation. The girl's mother had to Tell her to write a Thank You note. The envelope was addressed by the mother, I recognized her writing. I was horrified to see this note with printed letters, some up in the air, others in scattered heights. It looked like a childs printing in about 2nd grade. So no cursive writing, but even the printing was terrible! Don't they have to know how to sign their names to legal documents or do they just make an X like an illiterate?
    • Gina G. 15 days ago
      It seems reading, arithmetic, and written language are too much. So many basic skills have been dropped from elementary school and more. Science and Social Studies died off years ago. Cursive writing is now considered a separate language, much like hieroglyphics. Spelling rules and understanding is ancient.
    • Peg P. 15 days ago
      Sad to say a college student I know who is studying to be an early education teacher wrote me a few letters this summer and her handwriting was just as poor you said. This is someone who will someday be our children's teacher!
    • Javier J. 15 days ago
      BW...where did you go? Hope you are OK.
  • John D. 2 months ago
    Ugh deja vu ugh. Move on to another year will ya!
  • Lois S. 2 months ago
    Happy Father's Day!
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