Live Green and Earn Points


  • Shelly E. 1 month ago
    I use gift bags for my family as we reuse them each year until they are worn out. For kids I may use the funnies, decorated paper bags or old maps.
  • David B. 7 months ago
    I love to bake and give cookies in metal reusable tins to friends and co-workers. Focusing on the amount of energy being used is not a reasonable issue. One batch of cookies is not enough for a cookie exchange. You have to make multiple batches so everyone can take a dozen or so of what you made. The total baking time is not all that much less.

    Besides, consider the alternatives -- driving to a bakery, the packaging of cookies at the bakery. Giving someone something besides home made cookies means ordering or shopping and likely ending up with something they may not want or use -- but I know they will love the cookies and I pick cute tins that they can use or just display at the holiday. I try to get wintery-themed cans so I can give Holiday cookies to those celebrating Hanukkah or the Solstice or who just deserve a nice tin of cookies. People often return the tins to me as a hint they would like them refilled the following year!
  • Clovia D. 8 months ago
    I start shopping so early that by the end of summer I am done and all that is left is wrapping and shipping since all our children and grands are all over North America. Our big decision is when to go south to celebrate Christmas with some of the children.
  • Pauline C. 9 months ago
    My children are grown now, but we still enjoy our Christmas trees of their childhood that are still alive and growing in our yard--providing pinecones for décor. and shelter for wildlife.
  • Marilu K. 10 months ago
    we wrap gifts in cloth bags that can be used at the supermarket the coming year
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