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  • Steven S. 5 days ago
    Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2021
  • Debra B. 3 months ago
    I did not order nor have I ever ordered groceries online. I have helped the pickers who do this pick out appropriate produce on this "job" while shopping at Safeway. I notice they get all ripe bananas, or avacadoes with brown spots, etc. I don't want waste on my produce right off the bat! I shop once a week or about every 10 days. Do the errands like Barbara W says and get gas, grocery shop, a coffee at your local coffee shop, etc. all in one trip. I too get laundry done and hang on clothesline, run dishwasher in the morning, water the garden, cook dinner and make sure enough leftovers for next day's lunch, and then relax with a glass of Chardonay wine at the end of the day! Cheers to all!
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      I'll have a glass of Chardonay with you and bring some cheese!
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      Javier are you bringing the used cooking oil to toast with?
      Javier M. 24 days ago
      I am so happy that the site is back up, I could drink a toast with that old cooking oil! Cheers!
    • Susan S. 5 days ago
      Comments from someone who once did this "job" - Perhaps it was your shopping location or lack of training. Customers also comment and tell us what type of produce (IE: very green bananas, or No green). My location happened to be across the street from a major hospital so we serve the medical staff between shifts and opened our area at 6AM so they could get their groceries and go home or do what ever they needed to do for the day.
    • Susan S. 5 days ago
      Not everyone works the same shift. Hard for a person working an odd shift to do these things if those businesses are closed. Aaaahhhh Utopia
  • RANDY F. 3 months ago
    In 2016 and on, I will order all my groceries from Whole Foods or the like, and have Them Deliver It! The drivers generally do six - to - ten households in one trip and the wise ones work from closest to furthest, so it's a win ~ win - win all around.

    >>"How will you minimize waste in 2016? Share your goals in the comments below!"<<
  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
    When I have a Dr. appt I make it my " town day". Meaning I do all errands /pay bills/ grocery shop etc. all in the same time frame. Tomorrow I'll wash and hang out the clothes on the clothesline, do some housework, cook. If the weather is ok on the next day it's time to mow, water plants, clean flowerbeds. It's a way of grouping things " if the weather cooperates"!
  • Gina L. 3 months ago
    Confusing, Is it better to order a bunch of stuff online or drive around the neighborhood and more to gather your needs/wants??? These last couple of years have made most online shoppers. That may even include the locals.
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