Live Green and Earn Points


  • Donna C. 4 years ago
    By purchasing whole foods instead of prepared, I have a lot less containers to recycle or reuse.
  • tommy b. 4 years ago
  • mary B. 5 years ago
    It does not take a lot of water to bath.Our soldiers only have a helmet of water for bathing,shaving,brushing their teeth.I tried this,if they can do it.So may I. Mary B.
    • Ann A. 5 years ago
      I agree-- and thank you for sharing, as I had not known about the water rations.
      I spent some time in eastern Sri Lanka a few years ago, and adapted rather quickly to the differences in practices such as using the toilet (pit toilets), bathing, and basic hygiene. It's interesting and actually quite amazing how quickly such culturally unfamiliar practices begin to feel "normal."
  • joanna l. 5 years ago
    I think that you can speak to anyone about being green, it depends on what is important to them.
    Someone who donates clothes to veterans organization is being eco friendly in a way that is important to them.
    • erica e. 5 years ago
      Yes! Most people seemed motivated by saving money, which also tends to parallel being green. Especially true for many older persons on fixed income. "The Greatest Generation" may have invented thriftiness, hee hee.
    • mary B. 5 years ago
      The elder.The greatest generation.We could learn a lot from them,if only people would listen.They know how to turn a nickle into a dime.
    • joanna l. 5 years ago
      yes , absolutely! I learned so much from my mom and grandma ( and they never thought about being "green"
      Older generations have lots of wisdom to share
    • erica e. 4 years ago
      Most elders are greener than young people, but their motivation might be different-- being frugal and not wadteful. Yields the same, or better, result, so no need to try and convert them about newfangled ideas like global warming if they are not interested.
    • joanna l. 4 years ago
      I learned a lot from my mother my grandmother and my mother in law. They had to be so creative in terms of saving resources and money. The origins of reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • joanna l. 5 years ago
    By being a positive example, you will raise awareness in all of the people around you.
    ( And be respectful of people who don't share your views )
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