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  • Susan H. 3 months ago
    My kitty loves playing in cardboard boxes and I use old towels to line a repurposed basket for his bed.
  • Tiffany M. 6 months ago
    Thank you for this post. So far we grow our own catnip, make toys, and have created tons of cardboard houses over the years.
  • erica m. 3 years ago
    Can catnip be grown in a garden?
    • Jessica J. 3 years ago
      It absolutely can! Here are some instructions:

      I am no gardener, but I feel like catnip might spread like mint spreads, so it might be a good idea to keep it contained in a pot or a raised bed.
  • Claudia L. 3 years ago
    We're using horse bedding pellets in one of our litter boxes. They're the same thing as Feline Pine but at a fraction of the cost. Can get them at feed & grain store, Tractor Supply, etc.
  • Nancy B. 3 years ago
    Cats should NOT ever be allowed outside!!! What is so hard about buying a cat pan and a HEALTHY cat litter(I use WORLD'S BEST cat litter made from CORN) ? Come on pet parents!!! STOP putting your cats life and safety at great risk by letting them outside to go to the bathroom. RESPONSIBLE pet parents should NEVER do this!!! Don't believe & ask your local humane shelter what THEY think! NEVER..EVER..EVER let your cat outside if you want it to live the long, healthy life that it CAN indoor only cat Brandi is going on 17 years old now..and her sister Brigit passed away recently from issues NOT related to being NEITHER has ever been allowed out.
    • scott s. 3 months ago
      One of my cats goes out many times a day, on his leash of course.Sits on the deck or under his bush. Done this since he was a kitten, never gone to the bathroom outside only in his litter box.
      He has me upcycle all of his toys to our local shelter... Our two other cats do not go out as both were leave behinds by irresponsible tennants who just move and leave cats so now they do not like outside.
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