Live Green and Earn Points


  • Barbara W. 22 days ago
    Earth Day 2022: European Union pushes fashion firms to make clothes more durable and recyclable. That is a sensible idea, how about it US?
  • John D. 23 days ago
    I've noticed a wave of celebrities 'writing' books, probably pandemic induced followed by the realization of easy money. I bet if I had written Jimmy Fallon's first simpleton children's book ("Dada") no one would buy it, yet he makes the NYT's best seller list.
  • Margaret H. 23 days ago
    It is appropriate that the points today involve a used bookestore. I just came from Half Price Books today -turned in magazines and books that I no longer want/need and got three vintage vinyl records that I am looking forward to listening to in the next few weeks (have to put my old record player system back together-glad I saved it). Have a great weekend guys.
  • Barbara W. 23 days ago
    Go Gretta ,-Earth Day!
  • Lois S. 23 days ago
    What about Earth Day, Recycle bank?!
    There used to be all different kinds of activities and lots of extra points for days to celebrate!!
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