Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sandra G. 1 hour ago
    A friend and I share a subscription to a local weekly paper. One year it comes in my name and I get it first. The next year she does. Saves us money and paper.
  • tia a. 7 hours ago
    Our local library offers boxes of free books by their doors. These are usually items that people donate that are not needed at the library. A great way to re-cycle. You can find a book, read it, and donate it again. A win-win.
  • Beth R. 2 days ago
    We are very fortunate to have a used bookstore here that buys your used books and then sells in the store. You can get cash for books they accept. Or you can get bookstore credit to buy used books others have sold. Books that are not accepted by the resale book store are placed in freebie bins outside the store.
  • Sue M. 9 days ago
    Rather than purchase new books I often go to for used books. They are often very inexpensive. Amazon also connects to used book dealers for ordering books. I especially like when Goodwill puts up used books on or Amazon. Money goes to a good cause and they usually sell for $1.00 each plus a couple dollars for shipping.
  • connie b. 23 days ago
    I am an avid library user. However, I also purchase books and when I do I try to purchased used. Once done they get donated to the library for their book sales to help keep community libraries open
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