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  • Pauline C. 3 years ago
    After Halloween we put our pumpkins in the garden, faced backward and then they are Thanksgiving decorations. Then the animals take care of them.
  • Patricia S. 3 years ago
    I try to invent new costumes with items around my house. I was looking for a battery operated light for my pantry, I found one that looks like a switch. Not only does it work in my pantry I Velcro the light to an old shade took a lace curtain valance covered the light and lamp shade. My costume a lamp, the light can be on & off. Cost $2.99 for the light. Pat
  • Lucy S. 3 years ago
    I would not use ANY synthetic spiderweb material outdoors, whether labeled "ecofriendly" or not. It is dangerous to wild life, who can get tangled up in it.
  • wayne w. 4 years ago
  • philip m. 4 years ago
    I carve artificial jack-o-lanterns I get from the craft store. I use them over and over. In fact I have had the same ones for 15 years now.
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