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  • Joan G. 4 years ago
    In California you can recycle pizza boxes with the yard waste.
  • Nancy B. 6 years ago
    I tried recycling ONLY THE TOTALLY CLEAN top of the pizza boxes but was asked not to by my local landfill/recycle center when I went that I use curbside garbage pickup I believe I'll try doing that again :-)
  • Felix M. 6 years ago
    I believe you can recycle cigarette butts through terracycle.
  • Pat R. 6 years ago
    Can you recycle Rx medication/pill bottles once the medication is used up?
    • pat p. 4 years ago
      must remove name and info - would be great to recycle. good container for quarters for the laundrymat.
  • Ellie B. 6 years ago
    Pizza boxes could be recycled if the pizza stores put a sheet of parchment paper in the box and then put the pizza in. The grease and cheese would go in the trash with the parchment and the box could be recycled.
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