Live Green and Earn Points


  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • Deborah W. 2 years ago
    My compact refrigerator, my AC/Fan/De-Humidifier are Energy Star. My furnace is energy efficient too. Information worth knowing.
  • John P. 2 years ago
    Building a new home and looked into gas tankless water heater. If you compare to a high-effiency tank heater, the tankless costs more and does not deliver as much water. An acquaintance with kids in his house told me he had the tankless water heaters removed and replaced with high-efficiency tank heaters. Apparently the saving with tankless is pretty incremental and does not offset the higher cost.
  • Fred & Ruth S. 2 years ago
    Very interested in the tankless water heater...will look into that!
  • wayne w. 2 years ago
    Incorporating some more new energy efficient features in my homes...Love my energy saving appliances and next a tankless water heater.
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