Live Green and Earn Points


  • June S. 4 months ago
    I'm retired, so I don't commute to school or work. But I plan my errand days - on Sundays I do all the errands at places that fall between my house and church. On Mondays, I do my errands that fall between my house and the local hazwagon where I can drop off hazardous waste items AND any compostables. The hazwagon is located in the same park as one of the recycling stations, so I drop off all of my recycling then also. It is rare for me to go out more than twice a week, so I plan all of my errands around church and reycling. Where my son lives (just outside of DC), they have commuter lots where drivers can pick up riders who are going into the same part of DC - they call it picking up slugs. My son tries to get 2-3 riders as often as possible on his commute. A bonus for him is that if he has at least 3 people in his vehicle, he can drive in the HOV lane (which is an expensive toll road) for free. Win-win for him because that lane is much less congested and he doesn't have to sit in traffic and waste gas!
  • Rebecca D. 4 months ago
    We drive to a larger city, ours is tiny, about 30 miles away and plan the trip from beginning till end. Guitar lessons on Tuesday is the usual so we do not have to make another trip. We go in a circle around the town to not waste gas. Works well. Have your list made in advance.
  • Kelly B. 7 months ago
    We have a new home and our water heats faster so we usually just get a small bottle of water that we pour into our water filter pitcher. When we were in our old home in AZ we used a large bucket (the type you get from builder stores). We used that water to pour into the back tank of our toilet when flushing. We literally saved half our water bill with just this tactic.
  • John D. 7 months ago
    I would use it for something other than plants because most water heaters have an aluminum rod inside; aluminum is bad for plants. Others have magnesium rods, but that's a similar metal element per the periodic table so I suspect the same issue.
  • Terry M. 7 months ago
    You can also use the cold water you collect waiting for it to get hot to flush toilets or fill your birdbath! Boil pasta, wash the car....endless list!!!
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