Live Green and Earn Points


  • Randy F. 4 months ago
    While waiting for the plumber to replace the O-Ring in your leaky faucet, you can place a dish pan underneath to capture the drip and use that for tasks.

    A washed gallon (juice, water, milk) jug is also useful for this and can be used to rinse off kitchen utensils, sponges, dishes as you go about cooking / your day.
    • Randy F. 1 month ago
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  • Barbara W. 7 months ago
    About wasting energy- I turn off lights and unplug unnecessary appliances. I set the airconditioning at 78/79. In the winter I set the heat at 65-68.
  • tommy b. 7 months ago
  • Esperanza C. 1 year ago
    We walked to buy groceries and necessities.
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
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