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  • Randy F. 1 hour ago
    Yes, still míxíng up the protein sources with less beef and pork. Since people haven't been going out spending, plus getting lots of free money from the government, store owners are greedily inflating prices steadily during the pandemic making 'on trend' meat substitutes even less viable.
    <<Have you been trying to eat less meat for environmental reasons? Share your experiences in the comments.>>
  • Pat C. 4 hours ago
    Impossible Burger is NOT a good thing! Read up on the info before trying please.
  • Barbara W. 11 hours ago
    I have not tried the plant-based meat burger patties, the price was too high.
    • Javier M. 1 hour ago
      Some brands are good, some not so good. I have tried them thanks to coupons and various money saving rebate apps. They are indeed pricey.
  • John D. 19 days ago
    Bacon! Lol
    Somebody's updating the site once a week to change the date on those recycled articles. But yeah otherwise it acts robo. Come to think of it, didn't it use to have to approve comments before they were posted?
    • Javier M. 1 hour ago
      Approve comments so that I could not say things like....get ready for it comes....$(&#%*(!@&@!!#)*&
    • Randy F. 8 minutes ago
      Such Language, Javíer! There goes your squeaky clean reputation.

      < Re: "$(&#%*(!@&@!!#)">
  • Javier M. 20 days ago
    I love meat! MeatMeatMeatMeat. Time for breakfast...where is the MEAT?!?!
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