Live Green and Earn Points


  • Peg R. 8 months ago
    Unfortunately, like many supposedly better for you foods, the Impossible Burgers are high in sodium, something that those who are on low sodium diets need to know. Sodium is also often added to low fat foods to improve the flavor.
  • karen e. 8 months ago
    Per my own research, I have found that although the "Impossible" burgers seem like they should be the healthier choice and taste very much like real beef, they are actually far worse for you in a large number of ways!! Stick with the real thing!
  • Jen D. 8 months ago
    I haven't tried it, but my son did and he had the Big "D" soon afterwards.
  • wayne w. 8 months ago
    I enjoy a healthy plant based culinary life. I get ample nutritional value from my food intake and look and feel a lot better eating this way. This was written by a former carnivore consumer. I changed after less than good health evaluations and after reading food ingredients. Now after changing I look healthier and feel 100% better with more energy, health positivity and overall auspicious attitude. I even grow my own produce!
  • Lucy S. 9 months ago
    Every body is different. Some people cannot get enough protein from eating only a plant-based diet.
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