Live Green and Earn Points


  • Barbara W. 2 months ago
    I can't remember the last time I ate out....where or what.
  • tommy b. 3 months ago
  • Randy F. 8 months ago
    Hi! My Name Is Randy, And I Have Junk In My Trunk.
    • Randy F. 2 months ago
      Um, my evil clone must have typed that five months ago . . . or I was Hacked!
      I'm so very sorry your eyes had to see that •͡˘㇁•͡˘
  • Cindy W. 8 months ago
    What good are these points if I can't get anything with them? Bring back gift cards or e-cards!
    • Monique M. 2 months ago
      You can still buy magazines and print percentage off discount for your favorite shops
    • Cindy W. 2 months ago
      None of their magazines are of interest to me. The percentage discounts are a joke. None of these stores are even remotely close in my area and even if you can buy online their prices even with their small discount are not within my budget. The closest discount was a Dairy Queen that was only good in Chicago which is a 2+hr drive for a buy one get one free coupon. Not practical and a huge waste of time and gas usage. Recyclebank is suppose to encourage people to recycle and leave a green footprint. Their rewards program shows they do not practice what they preach. It has been several years now but I remember when they had glassware made from recycled glass as rewards. They had wooden bowls and cutting boards. You get "green" toys for children as well as for pets with points accumulated. They also had gift cards and e-cards that you could actually find an item to get. Where are the magazines to inspire children to be green? Ranger Rick, National Geographic Jr., Highlights, and Spider are just a few. Recyclebank rewards should reflect on inspiring people to be green.
    • Randy F. 2 months ago
      The Best Gift Is Helping Mother/ Father Earth !
      While I enjoyed my game passes and gift cards and liked adding more periodicals to my coffee table without having to pay invoices, I truly enjoy gaining new insight, applying it to everyday life, and perhaps adding something back in all things formerly one time use & disposable.
      I kinda miss the freebies but I come back every day I have a chance, regardless. There are topics and discussions covered here that I had always expected to find in more mainstream groups and still haven't. Plus there are the ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ Warm FuZZies ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ you get while reading about or talking with some Really Sweet People. The mostly positive, cheery, humorous banter is a plus + as well.

      All the extra knowledge and good will is well worth the time stopping by.

      As abandoned and repetitive as it has been of late, it is still invaluable to me.


    • Cindy W. 2 months ago
      I agree that the information on recycling is good. Much of it has been repetitive, but, that is also ok because some people may just be new to this site and also need the input. It also doesn't hurt to get a refresher course either. The fact that Recyclebank is slipping needs to be addressed. If the rewards are good people who may not have as strong interest in recycling might stay and learn more on the site and actually start changing their habits. Recyclebank needs to draw people in who might not otherwise come to this site.
  • Barbara W. 8 months ago
    to much STUFF in the trunk of the car! guilty!
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