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  • Steven S. 3 months ago
    Posted Saturday, March 12, 2022
  • Stacy M. 3 months ago
    Thanks for the 10 points today.
  • Lois S. 3 months ago
    Gas prices in Ohio $4.27, gonna try really hard to walk or bike for short errands!
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      Good idea Lois.
      Think of those that are on foot, walking for their survival.

      A Representative from the OKLA Oil Producers Association announced on our local TV station that they would NOT be pumping any extra oil and expect the prices to keep going up for "the rest of the year".
      This is intentional, they are sitting on it on purpose, so the price will continue to rise for Big profits ( for THEM). All the while someone else will get the blame.
      You would think that they would do their part, but Oh NO!
      Now the US has to look for help from Canada, when our own Okla OIL people won't do their job.

      Did you know that OKLA actually has Red Dirt?
      It's a True story, it's red to the core.
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      I am disgusted with the State of Okla and their dirty ways!
      Okla is a poor backward State with the Oil Tycoons & the like running/controlling it.
    • Donna D. 3 months ago
      $4.59 here in Illinois
    • Steven S. 3 months ago
      Oil does control OK and TX. The same way Mormons control Utah.
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      The man from the Okla Oil Producers said all this on TV in a smug and bragging way! ( which made it worse)
      Remember this when you go to the gas station. When the pump goes , ding, ding, ding, hear it as a wake-up call.
      The Oil companies are literally making a killing!
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  • Katja Z. 3 months ago
    Posted Saturday March 12th 2022.

    10 points!!
  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
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