Live Green and Earn Points


  • George J. 27 days ago
    If you don't deal with leaks of oil and coolant, your whole car will be recycled before its time. A few minutes without oil will destroy your engine.
  • Susan M. 27 days ago
    Adopted a section of Stone's River in Nashville. Over the past 2 years I've removed over 3,000 lbs of debris. Most of the weight is metal from the wonderful Nashville & Western Railroad and CSX Rail. They just toss ties, spikes, etc into the river. Working on that with the local government agencies.
    The bulk of the trash is plastic bottles and grocery bags. Wish I could upload some pics - You'd be AMAZED at what I've pulled from the river.
    • Javier J. 27 days ago
      A friend of mine did community service to have a ticket removed from his record...he and several others in the same situation spent a day on a barge in one of the bayous removing trash. He was shocked at how much there was.
  • Randy F. 27 days ago
    My Clean Water Accomplishments:
    I no longer feed the Ducks and Canadian Geese bread at the local ponds
    I do not take ANY chemical prescriptions that will eventually end up in drinking water.
    I pay crazy fees and taxes to the "Sanitary Authority" to keep the water clean.

    <<Are you doing your part to help keep our oceans, rivers, and lakes pristine? Share your accomplishments in the comments below!<<
  • Barbara W. 27 days ago
    New neighbors again, and yes the same thing of throwing down trash when getting out of the car is happening all over. This time they throw their USED masks out the window of car while backing out. ( I am not touching that one)
  • Randy F. 3 months ago
    Keeping Plastic Out Of Our Grey Water Or ANY Water . . . This Stuff Is Breaking Apart And Getting Into The Bodies Of Every Living Thing. Water Treatment Centers Can't filter Out The Micro Beads.
    • Randy F. 27 days ago
      This past week one source was reporting to the television news networks that we drink the equivalent of one credit card (5 Grams) worth of plastic every week!

      Also on ABC News & CNN etc.
      Search for humans-consume-equivalent-credit-card-worth-plastic-week
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