Live Green and Earn Points


  • tommy b. 3 months ago
  • tommy b. 5 months ago
  • Susan M. 5 months ago
    I kayak weekly and take a mesh bag to put trash I pull from the river into it. I've also started "magnet fishing" and have pulled up loads and loads of metal from local rivers and streams.
  • Cindy W. 5 months ago
    Does anyone know how cruise ships handle the garbage on long cruises? Do they have bins easily available for guests to toss? I just wonder how much of this waste is contributed by people tossing stuff overboard. Just curious.
  • Linda W. 10 months ago
    Wow, Ms. Jessica, "the organization responsible for the second largest amount of toxic chemical discharges is our own Department of Defense." ! Yaii! We should be able to rattle those guys... Vote, vote, vote!
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