Live Green and Earn Points


  • joanna l. 6 years ago
    new York state has wineries too. buying a local product is the best eco choice ,I think
  • joanna l. 7 years ago
    Buy wines from californa to save the heavy bottles the long trip and some of the fuel!
    (buying american products is good for the earth and good for the economy!)
  • Nancy B. 7 years ago
    Make a bottle tree.
  • barb c. 7 years ago
    This was most interesting. I really don't know much about wines
  • Brenda A. 7 years ago
    I know very little about selecting the 'right' wine for a particular entree. I am well known for selecting wine based on how attractive the bottle is. I soak off the label and hand paint a holiday scene (Christmas trees and snowman, etc.) on the outside of the bottle. After the paint dries, I poke a strand of Christmas lights and shimmering old fashioned icicles into the bottle with the prong end of the lights hanging out the top. Set the bottle on a table and plug it in. I have made and given many of these holiday decorations to family and friends who love them!
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