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  • Fred C. 4 years ago
    Can I recycle the foil (?) pans from microwave pot pies??
  • June S. 4 years ago
    Probably not going to give up ice cream. I don't have too many vices, and that is one of them (chocolate and coffee are the others). I will not be switching to aluminum for soft drinks (I don't drink wine). I've read too many bad things about aluminum and try to avoid it whenever possible. I use only natural products on my skin, so I will avoid DEET and oxybenzone. I rarely grill out, so not using charcoal will not be a hardship on me at all.
    • Lucy L. 4 years ago
      June, try this:
      Overripe bananas work best: very sweet so no additional sweetener needed.
      You can get overripe bananas at a reduced price. Skins go into your compost!
      Do a web search for other flavors.
  • A B. 4 years ago
    I make amazing smoothies out of fruit from my CSA
  • Duane W. 4 years ago
    Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus insect repellent is available at Target Stores.
  • Samara M. 4 years ago
    Coconut ice cream is quite delicious. Any vegan ice cream has a low carbon footprint if you get it without palm oil.
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