Live Green and Earn Points


  • tommy b. 6 months ago
  • Rebecca D. 6 months ago
    The older boy grows pumpkins every year and gives some to his friends at church. They are very pretty as they vine & we made a trellis for part of the vine. Too heavy to support much. Next year he is going to try and grow a square pumpkin. Kids are funny.
  • Rebecca D. 6 months ago
    One of our boys wanted a cactus a few years ago and is amazed at how it has grown---especially this year. Not much care involved.
  • karen y. 6 months ago
    I had no idea about this I will definitely
    look into this for our elementary school , thank you
  • Gina L. 6 months ago
    Show those students how easy it is to grow off shoots into a new plant. Most any household plant is able to give cuttings from the leaves or roots.
    Another project would be to use those plastic containers you're not sure are acceptable for the recycle bin. They can be used for the cuttings and then crafted into pots.
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